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Window Replacement

The cost to replace windows in a house depends on a lot of variables. Different factors can contribute to cost, such as installation requirements, window frame material, size, and type as well as labor associated with window replacement or installation.

ACM Window & Door Design offers MARVIN Windows & Doors exclusively and is a Certified Installing Retailer for MARVIN which means we are product experts and have been extensively trained on Marvin Windows and best Installation practices. We offer custom windows & doors to fit every need and most budgets. Marvin offers three lines of windows differing only by options and designed to meet most budgets.

Although all Marvin collections offer best-in class products, The most cost effective in the Marvin line is the Essential collection which offers strong, durable fiberglass exteriors and interiors both striking and virtually maintenance-free. Simplified options make the order process straightforward.

Marvin’s next line of windows and doors is the Elevate collection which features Marvin’s Proprietary fiberglass exteriors. This material stands up to all elements, outperforming and outlasting vinyl, roll-form aluminum and other composites with Warm wood interiors add timeless beauty, while resilient, long-lasting fiberglass stays strong in even the toughest conditions.

Their architectural collection is their Ultimate line which offers the broadest range of product types, sizes, configurations, and design options with the highest level of precision and beautiful aesthetics. Featuring the Ultimate, Modern, and Coastline product lines, this collection is the hallmark of Marvin’s design leadership and customer-focused innovation.

Our Marvin Replacement expert, Jeffrey Streeting, will provide an in-home consultation to understand your specific project needs, and work to find the right style, colors, and features to fit within your budget. The perfect Window depends on a lot of factors. If you have strong architectural covenants in your homeowner association bylaws and/or live in an historic neighborhood, Jeff and his team will guide you through the selection process. Your window needs will depend on a variety of factors and will drive the decision on the appropriate window to fit your needs. Marvin offers three collections of windows in a myriad of styles and materials to fit any style, climate condition and most budgets.

The installation process from start to finish typically takes no more than a matter of a couple of days on average depending on the number of windows being replaced and scope of work. ACM will handle the entire process for you, from initial consultation all the way through installation.

Replacing windows is a complicated process requiring advanced carpentry skills and special tools. You may be able to replace a window in your home, but there are many issues to consider before undertaking this complicated project.  Because most replacement windows are custom-made, your measurements must be exact. If your measurements are off by even a small amount, it may result in not being able to install your window in the opening.  Window installation also requires specialized tools that most homeowners must purchase.  Using a highly trained installation crew reduces the time it takes to install the windows, also reducing impact on your normal routine.  Installing your own windows may void the manufacturers window warranty as well if proper techniques are not followed.

ACM Window & Door Design is a Marvin CIR (Certified Installing Retailer) which means we have a trained team of skilled installers to complete your window replacement project quickly and efficiently. ACM also backs all of our installation projects with our industry leading 10-year labor warranty.

By having new windows professionally installed, you can ensure proper installation to maximize your new windows’ performance, visual appeal and investment.

There are many benefits to replacing the windows in a home.

Improved Energy Efficiency / Comfort /Noise Reduction

One of the most significant benefits of replacing your windows is the improvement in energy efficiency. Newer windows are designed to reduce energy loss, keeping your home better insulated and helping regulate indoor temperature. Marvin offers Energy efficiency through the use of various window technologies. Low E coatings, frame materials, glazing types, spacers, gas fill, and weatherstripping all contribute to efficient windows. Energy ratings for windows and doors are certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). By replacing your windows, you can save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. In addition to energy savings, new windows can increase the overall comfort of your home. They can help regulate indoor temperature, reduce drafts, and prevent the intrusion of noise from the outside.

Enhanced Curb Appeal / Increased Home Value

New windows can give your home a refreshed look that can make it stand out in your neighborhood as well as increase the market value of your home.

Improved Home Security

New windows improve home security. They come with advanced locking systems and shatter-resistant glass, making it difficult for intruders to enter your home. Marvin also offers home automation sensors that work with popular security systems to help protect your home. This affordable, optional upgrade is installed in the factory and fully concealed—meaning no unsightly sensors attached to the exterior, and no additional modification of your product once installed. The sensor can be wired or wirelessly connected, sending a signal to your integrated smart home security system to indicate if windows and doors are closed and locked or unlocked, providing peace of mind when security is a concern.

Reduced Maintenance

New windows require minimal maintenance and can last for years without any major repairs, saving you time and money in the long run. New windows require minimal maintenance and MARVIN offers fiberglass options that reduce lifetime maintenance for a window.

Replacing your windows can offer numerous benefits that can improve your home's energy efficiency, comfort, security, and curb appeal. Newer windows are designed to reduce energy loss, increase comfort, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, increase your home’s value, improve home security, and reduce the need for maintenance.