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Historic Doors

Maintaining a historic property means regular upkeep, repairs, and the occasional replacement of worn out elements. When your property's doors are no longer keeping your home comfortable or secure, it's time to look into replacing them.

At ACM Window and Door Design, we provide custom doors of exceptional quality from leading suppliers. We'll work with you to craft an entryway that is just as true to the design of your home as the original historic doors.

Historic Door Installers Who Go Above and Beyond

For more than 35 years, ACM has proudly served homeowners throughout the Baltimore region. We go to extra lengths to provide products that meet all of our customer's needs for impressive style and reliable energy efficiency. Our historic door installers are also professionals who listen to your concerns when coming up with solutions to design challenges. We'll do our best to source a product that reinforces the architectural integrity of your older home.

Our replacement historic doors also come with a number of features and amenities, like:

  • Durable Fiberglass, Wood, or Metal Construction
  • Custom Color, Stain, Glass Pattern, and Sidelites
  • Industry leading Warranties on Parts And Labor
  • Same-As-Cash Financing

Updating Doors on Historic Homes: The Process

Living in a historic home has its rewards and its responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is making sure any updates maintain the historical integrity of the home. That’s why there are processes in place that homeowners need to follow when making changes to their historic home. 

  • Knowing Applicable Covenants

    Most homeowners are able to make changes to their home as they see fit, but that’s not the case when it’s a historic home. Owners are typically bound by architectural covenants that dictate many of the details about the kinds of changes that can made. Often, the rule is that the new door must match the style and finish of the existing door. Keep in mind that, in many cases, the covenants only apply to doors that can be seen from a public vantage point. Doors in the back of your home that are not visible from a street or sidewalk may be excluded, but this varies by municipality. 

  • Schedule a Quote

    Once you have some familiarity with what’s required, schedule a quote. It’s a good idea to use a company that has specific experience working on historic homes. ACM Window & Door Design has completed projects on many historic homes, so we are familiar with much of what is required and we understand what the organizations who give approval expect. 

  • Obtain Approval

    While not always required, it’s typically a good idea to get approval once you’ve selected the doors. This will avoid the need to replace the new door should there be an issue with it. If approval is required, as it sometimes is, you’ll need to file an application with the governing body and wait for approval before any work begins. 

  • Installation of Your New Door

    ACM’s experience working with historic homes make the entire process easier on the homeowners who work with us. In addition to pulling any needed permits, you can also count on us to be very careful with features, such as historic mouldings, that an inexperienced contractor may not handle with sufficient care. Once the new door is installed, you’ll have a chance to carefully inspect it before we leave—and our job isn’t done until you’re 100% satisfied. 

Request a Free Price Estimate on Replacements for Historic Doors

Just because you have a historic property doesn't mean you can't enjoy doors made with modern materials and technologies. ACM Window and Door Design does everything possible to replace historic doors with modern counterparts that will fool even the experts.

If you are ready to update a worn out, drafty door with an energy efficient replacement, give us a call to set up a complimentary consultation. You can also fill out our online quote form to ask for a free price estimate. Homeowners may want to visit our showrooms in Baltimore or Millersville to meet with a design consultant before making a selection.